Support and Promotion for Extension Throughout the State of Kentucky

The Program and Staff Development (PSD) Unit serves as a resource to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs at the local and state levels. This is achieved through trainings and consultations offered to those Extension professionals engaged in county and departmental program efforts. The unit specializes in addressing a wide range of topics, from building relationships within communities to aiding in process and outcome evaluations to reporting success stories to stakeholders.

In addition to an emphasis on program development, PSD is committed to helping Extension professionals attain experiences that are pertinent to their growth and success. Through the personal development and networking opportunities afforded to Extension employees, PSD is at the forefront to help personnel gain the skills and talents necessary to make a difference within communities. As a result, this aims to strengthen Extension’s ability to provide educational endeavors that enhance the lives of individuals and families across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Left to Right: Dian Stapleton, Kenneth Jones, Pam Sigler, Sarah Bowker, Pamela Holbrook, Ivelin Denev, Jeff Young, Darlene Mylin. Not Pictured: Thomas Keene, Mia Farrell, Penny Mazur