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Featured Program Descriptions and Materials

Horse College is a series of five educational sessions for horse owners on the topics of nutrition and feeding, breeding, pasture management, health care, hoof care, facilities, and behavior.  As a result of the program, owners learn to improve management practices to more effectively and economically care for their animals.
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Master Grazer Program - Kentucky’s forage base is underutilized especially as it relates to the 7 million acres of pasture or lands grazed by livestock.  The Master Grazer Program is geared toward more efficient utilization of this valuable resource by improving the economics of Kentucky livestock agricultural industries through reduced feeding costs, increasing the amount of available grazing, and increasing stocking rates.
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Innovative Tobacco Grower Program – Tobacco production has changed significantly since the buyout program.  Tobacco producers need greater knowledge in order to remain economically viable.  This educational program is comprised of three 4-hour sessions on transplanting, diseases, insects, budgeting, harvesting, and marketing.
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Grain Marketing School – Corn, soybean and wheat prices have shifted to significantly higher levels than ever before. This has caused traditional price support programs to become irrelevant. This 2 session school is designed to help producers identify and make marketing decisions using marketing tools based upon market characteristics and to give Farmers confidence when pricing grain.
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Stand Up to Falling - Stand Up to Falling introduces the seriousness and consequences of falling, especially for adults age 65 and older. The program highlights four preventable risk factors: lack of exercise, unsafe home environments, vision problems, and medication usage.  When these risk factors are properly addressed, the likelihood of falling can be lowered and even prevented. This program also provides a brief introduction into an Extension supported fall prevention program, A Matter of Balance, which prepares the mind and body for exercises designed to prevent falls and the fear of falling. Lastly, Stand Up to Falling calls attention to the appropriate actions that should take place if a fall occurs. This fall prevention program offers a toolkit of resources to help people stand up to falls. These materials include: Fall Prevention Curriculum, information releases, Radio Scripts, and Public Service Announcements.
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Plate It Up – Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, the Plate It Up Kentucky Proud program efforts encourage families to purchase, prepare, and consume locally grown products. Each original recipe provides a unique way to experience Kentucky’s freshest locally grown products through easy, healthy, and affordable ideas for serving delicious and exciting family meals. Demonstration scripts provide information to families on nutrition, selection, preparation, and preservation for Kentucky commodities featured in the recipes.
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Managing in Tough Times (MITT) – Managing in Tough Times (MITT) is a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary program focusing on the needs of Kentucky’s citizens relating to personal and family finance for both rural and urban settings.  MITT offers a toolkit of resources and curriculum focused especially on helping Kentuckians manage changing economic times. These materials include: MONEYWI$E Website, Financial Curriculum, Social Media (Facebook and YouTube), Monthly Newsletters, Radio Scripts, and Public Service Announcements.
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Tourism – With the difficulties communities are facing with the current economic situation, tourism is receiving renewed attention, especially in smaller communities. Counties are also turning to Extension for more help to plan, organize and market tourism attractions and businesses. This curriculum will help agents conduct asset analysis; develop business plans, marketing strategies and conduct hospitality management sessions. Agents will learn to form tourism committees, commissions and advisory councils.
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Arts in the Community – This featured program will be comprised of classes designed to teach Agents, Artisans, and  local advisory committee members advocacy planning, and leadership skills through collaboration and coalitions.
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Strong writing, reading and presentation skills are essential for the success of all youth.  4-H conducts communication programs in public speaking and demonstration projects.  Students learn to prepare and give speeches and demonstrations.  As a result, they increase their level of self confidence and assume leadership roles.
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 4-H Jump Into Foods and Fitness – Kentucky is the 4th most obese state in the nation.  87% of Kentucky youth eat fewer than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day.  Children can benefit tremendously from this lesson which teaches nutrition and fitness information in a way which fits easily into their daily lives.
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Want to learn more about yourself as a leader? This question and many others can be answered through working with the KELD curriculum. KELD is a leadership development curriculum that assists you in providing your community audience with the building blocks of leadership development.  Each topic is written in an instructor‐friendly format, and includes: audience handout/factsheet, facilitator’s guide and evaluation. Due to the diversity of our communities, each topic has context‐specific facilitator’s guides for FCS, AG and 4‐H audiences. Some also include a PowerPoint or video resource.
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Truth and Consequences: The Choice is Yours – Both youth and adults need an opportunity to learn more about the physical, emotional, financial, and legal consequences of getting involved with prescription and illicit drugs. To assist in this endeavor, Truth and Consequences: The Choice is Yours is an enrichment activity designed to show students the impact of getting involved with illicit and legal substances.
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4-H Robotics Programs Inspire Kentucky’s Youth to Pursue Science, Engineering, and Technology. Kentucky 4-H advised four competition teams in 2012-2013 where youth participated in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) LEGO League, that required students to design, construct and program a robot that could accomplish specific task challenge.  
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