In Extension, we are charged with serving all citizens of the Commonwealth.  We have a unique responsibility to provide programming, services and education to those who need it most.  This can be individuals with limited resources, backgrounds different than our own, and / or individuals with disabilities.

It is important that we provide education and resources to our agents, specialists, and staff to ensure that we are providing individuals with disabilities the accommodations they require.  Below are some common requests you may be faced with and information on how to accommodate those requests: 

These are just a few of the common requests you may encounter.  Other resources throughout the state are available as well.  Click here for a comprehensive list.

If you have specific questions about these or other requests, contact David Beach, Director at the University of Kentucky Disability Resource Center, for more information.


Disability Resource Center

725 Rose Street MDS Bldg Suite 407 40536-0082
voice 859-257-2754
fax 859-257-1980