Below are all the Public Value Statements for 2016 and earlier.

4-H/Youth Development     ANR/Horticulture    CED/Fine Arts     Family & Consumer Sciences

4-H Youth Development

4-H Builds Community Trust and Positive Police Perception Through Partnerships with Law Enforcement

4-H Unlocks the Mystery of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for Breckinridge County Middle School Students

Family Traditions Begin with Extension Heritage Skill Programs to Cure Hams

Extension Creates Diverse Leaders in Preparation for the 21st Century Workforce

4-H Performing Arts Troupe and Leadership Board Enhanced Skills, Provided Leadership Experiences, and Influenced Career Paths

4-H Poultry BBQ Program Expands Skills and Creates Leadership Opportunities

Monroe County 4-H Teen Leaders Created a Safe Environment for Prom

4-H Youth Apply Life Skills to Give Back to Community

4-H Prepares Youth to Pursue Professional Careers

Extension Engages Youth to Nature While Investigating Ecosystems and Monitoring Water Quality

Kentucky 4-H Teen Conference Enhances leadership Skills of High School Students

4-H Summit bridges Learning and Leadership for Middle School Youth

4-H National Youth Science Day Reaches over 4,000 KY Youth in 2015

4-H Shooting Sports Programs Teach Safety, Discipline, and Leadership

4-H Style Engineers Develop Fundamental Skills to Create Wearable Technology

4-H Livestock Skillathon Prepares Youth to Pursue Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR)/Horticulture

Extension Provided Information and Tools that Enabled Dairy and Grain Producers and Landowners to make Informed Decisions on the 2014 Farm Bill

Eastern KY Integrated Reproduction Management Program Controls and Shortens Calving Season

Extension Reaches New Audiences Through Television

The Master Gardeners Program Contributes to Economic Development in Daviess County

Extension Advises Agriculture Producers in Best Management Practices for Development of Water Quality

KY Grain Producers Reduce Drying Costs by Obtaining Energy Efficiency Audits from Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department Extension Engineers

KY Master Loggers Feed the $13.87 Billion Forest Industry in KY

Commercial Fruit Growers Turn to Extension Soecialists and Resources to Imprive Yields

KY Poultry Produers Improve Operations Through Energy Efficient Enhancements as a Result of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department Expert Facility Audits

Extension's Commitment to Economic Development Benefits Corn Growers

Extension Integrated Pest Management Programs Target Issues Directly Impacting KY, such as the Spotted Wing Drosphilia

Extension Leads Trail Blazing Efforts in KY Communities

Extension Tree Grafting Workshops Benefit Home and Commercial Orchards

Wayne County Extension Initiated a Model School Farm

Extension Plant Pathology and Diagnostic Services Averted Unecessary and Costly Destruction of KY Wheat Crop

Extension Partners to Protect Wildlife Habitats and Manage Wildlife in Urban and Suburban Areas

Extension Provides Central Kentucky Beef Producers with Updates that Improve Production Efficiency

Extension Contributed to the Development and Implementation of the Kentucky Pollinator Protection Plan

Extension Partners with KY Beef Network to Promote Best Practices in Livestock Operations

Extension Enables Northern KY Residents to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Safely

Extension Guides Forest Owners into Maple Syrup Production

Extension Re-ignites the Urban Farm at Fern Creek High School

Hancock Master Gardeners Conduct Sweet Corn Research

Marshall Master Gardeners Provide Fresh Produce to Limited Resource Women, Children, and Seniors

Cooperative Extension and the College of Nursing Conducted Farmers' Dinner Theater to Address Health and Safety Among Aging Farmers


Community & Economic Development/Fine Arts

Extension Sharpens Performance Skills Among Youth at Breakfast with the Arts

Extension Brings Perspective to Communities Interested in Attracting New Residents and Visitors


Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Letcher County Extension Partnership Contributes to Improved Health

KY Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) Empowers Youth Through Volunteer Service and Outreach

An Extension Fatherhood Program is Supporting Dads in Wolfe and Todd Counties

Homebased Processor and Microprocessor Program Enables Agricultural Producers to Add Value and Expand Business

KY Extension Homemakers Association Impacts Lives Locally Through Community Service

Extension Creates Opportunities for Homeless Youth in Louisville, Kentucky

Extension Provides Educational Programs for military Families to Build Resiliency

Extension Guides Adults Through Small Steps to Improve Helath and Financial Stability

Truth and Consequences: The Choice is Yours Simulated the Repercussions of Substance use and Abuse for Teens and Their Families

Extension Partners in healing Women Undergoing Drug Rehabilitation

Extension Provides Nutrition Education to Residents in Recovery from Chronic Homelessness

Extension Increases Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease and Promotes Healthy Life Choices

Extension Nutrition Education Contributes to Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Extension Focuses on Skills to Finding Employment Through Job Club

Extension Teaches Life Skills to English as Second Language Learners (ESL)

Extension Collaborates with Community Partners to Serve Grandparents and Relatives Raising Children

Extension Contributes to School Readiness