One of the ways we convey the success of Extension programs is through an annual “Report to the People.”  This report should reflect a mixture of true impact as well as recent educational efforts whose real impact is yet to be felt or determined, participation numbers and other activities of interest to particular stakeholders and decision makers.

Because a consistent look has proven to be beneficial as we package our efforts and accomplishments to share with legislators and other stakeholders beyond the county level, we now provide an “Extension Today” Report to the People template for all counties to use.  All counties are expected to use this uniform format and contribute annually to the statewide database used for many reporting and accountability requests.  

We also encourage counties to be creative in the way they share success of their programs and to develop additional methods for delivering their impact and efforts.  Counties have found success in sharing program efforts and outcomes through additional avenues such as newspapers, printed reports, radio programs, television appearances, and visits with civic and service clubs in their communities.

DO NOT distribute your report until you receive an email from Pamela Holbrook stating that it has been reviewed and approved for content and formatting.

If you have a deadline for printing and distributing your Report to the People, I highly recommend submitting it for review and approval prior to November 15th. When you submit, be sure to communicate your deadline to

This is due to District Directors before the end of November.

Submit to Program and Staff Development at this location (both the original Word or Publisher document and a final PDF) by December 1st of each year.

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If you have issues or questions, please contact Pamela Holbrook.