What is a Success Story and how are they used in Cooperative Extension?

In order to fulfill the reporting requirements for the NIFA Plan of Work and the required Annual Report of Accomplishments, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFE) submits a set of success stories describing the public benefits of its Extension, research and academic programs.  These stories are web-based, searchable in the Kentucky Extension Reporting System (KERS), and of great benefit to Kentucky Cooperative Extension. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Both CAFE and university reporting requirements
  • Public relations efforts 
  • Grant applications
  • Additional required reports (i.e.; Report to the People)
  • In support of CAFE’s legislative agenda (i.e.; Distribution at County Judge Executive Meetings)

Success stories are in-line with logic models, telling what the situation is, who will be addressed and how, who is helping provide resources, and what the impact, or outcome was of the program/plan of work.

For more information and training, follow this link to a webinar providing instruction on the topic of Success Stories, as well as fielding questions from attendees.


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Success Stories can be submitted no later than midnight, July 15th of each year.

For more information on deadlines, click here.