Major Programs

Major Programs

The Program Indicator Report is used to collect data about program accomplishments expressed in terms of indicators related to Extension’s Strategic Goals and our State Plan of Work. One combined report is required per county. Agents should submit their numbers individually using evaluation tools associated with strategic initiatives and major programs. This is the best way to provide numbers that can be used for this report.

Program Indicator Report - due July 15 of each year, from all counties. 

The KERS reporting system compiles all the numbers, providing a countywide report that can be accessed at: 

For a list of Program Indicators in order by Major Programs, click here. Choose the fiscal year you'd like to review in the upper righthand corner of the screen.


Major programs have been identified by Assistant Directors/Program Areas under each Strategic Initiative. Agents can associate their efforts with one or more major program that they will utilize within the county. Each major program has a logic model, evaluation tools and curriculum in some cases. Given that the logic models provide a majority of the components that exist in the county Plan of Work template, this also assists agents in programming, as well as in developing the Plans of Work. The evaluation tools also help agents strengthen other reports (i.e., success stories) by improving the capacity to document results. Administrators, specialists, associates and other state staff utilize the major programs in a similar way when reporting success stories and statisticals.

The program indicator report is a county report (completed by agents) to measure statewide impact and gather meaningful results from programs conducted at the local level. These indicators include some participation numbers (e.g., # of individuals attending…), but the majority aim for short term and intermediate level outcomes. Program Indicators will be used extensively to document success and prepare reports for local, state and federal stakeholders.

Kentucky Cooperative Extension’s programmatic efforts are categorized under Strategic Initiatives. The Strategic Initiatives were derived from years of county conversations, district forum discussions around needs identification, as well as prioritized state trends to provide an overall focus for program areas. Moreover, they capture what we have been addressing in the past and provide direction on the future needs of our clientele.

Strategic Initiative resources can be found by selecting one of the following:
4-H Youth Development
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Family and Consumer Sciences 
Community and Economic Development 

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