Communicating with Decision Makers

Abstract: Building Partnerships and Communicating with Policymakers

PPT Handout: Building Partnerships and Communicating with Policymakers

Building Partnerships and Communicating with Policymakers (PPT)

Communicating with Decision Makers (PPT)

S.E.A.L. Curriculum #1
S.E.A.L. Curriculum #2
Session 1 – Communicating with Decision Makers – Building Capacity
Communicating Impact of CES Programs
Marketing Fundamentals
Role in Annual Budget Process
Communicating with Policy Makers
Session 2 – Advisory Group Development
Building Sustainable Extension Advisory Councils
Committees: The Advisory Council’s Workshop
S.E.A.L. Curriculum #3
Session 1 – Orienting New Advisory Board Members and New Faculty
Orienting Extension Volunteers
Informational Recruitment Meeting as an Orientation
Orienting Extension Faculty that are Volunteer Administrators
Session 2 – Teaching Extension Volunteers How to Advocate and Market Cooperative Extension
Building Partnerships and communicating with Policymakers
Understanding Adult Learners
Storytelling: Advocating for Extension
Session 3 – New Methods in Extension Volunteerism and How They Impact Advisory Leaders
Meeting Wiki: Making Technology Work for You!
Sharing the Wealth: Empowering Adult & Youth Volunteers
New styles of Volunteering
What is Social Networking and What is Its’ Role in Extension
Session 4 – Maximizing Impact through Advisory Leader Involvement
Partnering with Volunteers and Sharing Leadership to Achieve Impact
Strategies for Achieving Impact
Communicating Impact to Elected Officials