Want to learn what colleagues in other states are doing in relation to COVID-19 programming? Check out the recording below of the June 10, 2020 webinar - IMPACT PROGRAMMING DURING THE PANDEMIC: TURNING OBSTACLES INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXTENSION.

Program and Staff Development is pleased to offer several publications and fact sheets that can assist Agents with the development of County programming.

Fundamentals of Program Development
The Program Development Process
Development of Linkages with the Public
Situation Analysis
Priority Setting
Program Design
Program Implementation
        Lesson Presentation Plan
        Bloom's Taxonomy
Evaluation and Accountability
Programming Techniques Abstract

Gathering Resident Perspectives
Using Focus Groups in Program Development and Evaluation
        Focus Groups: Teaching Guide
Working with Kentucky Advisory Councils on County Plans of Work Teaching Guide
Using Community Forums for Gathering Resident Inputs
Tips for Community Forum Moderators
Conducting Key Informant Interviews
        Interviewing Key Informants
A Survey as a Method of Identifying Citizen Needs
Sample Resident Questionnaire
Open Response Questions for Group Discussions, Forums, Interviews, and Focus Groups

Priority Setting 
Nominal Group Technique
100 Votes
Kentucky By the Numbers: Finding Data on the Internet
What Counts? Measuring Jobs, Income and Unemployment