Posted 3/18/2020: Changes specific to Extension Reporting for this year only!

Given the current situation across the state and nation, I anticipate that some of you will have difficulty getting your Plans of Work completed by June 30. At no point should we compromise our grassroots approach of involving all stakeholders in this process (including local leaders/councils). Given that, we will delay the deadline for Plan of Work submission to August 1, 2020. This should give plenty of time for counties to review current POWs, pull together councils/volunteers for discussion (utilizing the community assessments, etc.),  then determine what changes are needed to focus on critical issues.

We are still working to have the newly revised lists of all major programs available to you by April 1, 2020.

If you have already completed POW meetings/discussion, then by all means, feel free to go ahead and submit your county Plans beginning April 1st . Just know that you do have additional time if needed.

This extension only applies to the Plan of Work. All other reports should be submitted by the designated deadlines:

Affirmative Action Plans & Reports – June 30

Statistical Contacts – July 15

Success Stories – July 15

Program Indicators – July 15 

Cooperative Extension has multiple reports that are submitted to the Program and Staff Development office on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This portion of our website is dedicated to ensuring that all our Agents, Associates, and Specialists have the resources they need to create and submit these reports in a timely manner.

Current Program Codes are available here.

Current data and reports are maintained on the Extension Impacts page here. Scroll to the bottom for previous year reports.

Kentucky also provides a statewide Plan of Work as well as an annual Accomplishment Report to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Those documents are available at: