The County Extension Agent Development System is divided into three major phases: orientation, core training and professional development. The nature of the learning experiences associated with these changes in accordance with the tenure of the agents for which the experiences are planned.

During orientation and core training phases, all agents participate in the same standard curriculum. The purpose of this training is to help you acquire the base level knowledge and skills needed on the job. As your tenure with the organization increases, learning will become more self-directed. You select the learning experiences that help you remain current in subject matter, the profession, meet long-term career goals, or respond to emerging local programming needs.

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The Civil Rights Training has been revised and updated. The Training resides in the University's Learning Management System, Canvas. This link will take you to the Training in Canvas where you will need to log in using your Link Blue ID and password. If you have any trouble accessing the Training, please email: Lisa Coulter at


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